Saturday, April 25, 2009


Nice to be back at home. I've been staying at my aunt's all week because my parents and youngest sister were in Germany for a robotics competition. Their group is the only one from the States. I'm proud, but I've missed home. A lot.

I just cam home from the ProLife youth conference I've been helping to organize. Kinda disappointed in the turn out from my high school. The conference was really good. Great people. Awesomest concert I've ever been to: Obsidian Crush and The Undeserving. Really good speakers: Jennifer Miller (BioEthics International), Jason Jones (Producer of Bella), and Sean Carney (40 Days for Life) were my favorites. I heard a moving song by Life Rock. I heard an incredible story told by a 19-year-old girl. It went something like this: In Baton Rouge, a teenage girl found she was pregnant. She tells her boyfriend who responds by telling her she needs an abortion. Sitting in the abortion clinic, alone, waiting for the abortionist to come in, the girl feels confusion. Someone, not the abortionist, comes in all of a sudden, looks around the room, finds nothing unusual, and sits down nest to the girl. She says she has no idea why she is there. She doesn't work at the abortion clinic, she's not normally there. This is unusual for her, but she says that she believes God wanted her to come into this room. She does not know why, but she sees that it is to talk to the young girl waiting for the abortionist. The girl who came into the room randomly hands the other a brochure on the dignity of the human person. She tells the frightened girl that her baby is destined to do great things and speak to thousand of people. The confused girl reads the brochure, leaves the abortion clinic, goes home, and informs her boyfriend that she is going to have the baby with or without him. She travels to her home in Michigan, pours her heart out to her mom and they weep together. Her mom supports her decision, she carries the baby full term, and the baby turns out to be the 19-year-old girl telling the story. She said that if we are going to remember any one thing from her talk, let it be the truth that God has a plan for each individual in the room, and that everyone as a human is marked with the seal of His love.
Proud to be a part of this. Many thanks to many people for organizing this event. Many thanks to all who came. Many thanks to all a part of the pro-life movement. Persist. Please.

Hope the Invisible Children Rescue is going well.

Please pray! Our best and most effective weapons are the Rosary and the Sacraments, most importantly the Eucharist. Our shields are Our Lady's scapular and the truth.

Life Will Triumph.

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