Monday, July 12, 2010

A Response to Jamie T's Blog

Jamie Tworkowski is the person responsible for starting the organization To Write Love On Her Arms. He is also one of my all-time favorite writers, if not my all-time most favorite writer. He is very powerful, and what's more: he's painfully honest.

I read one of his blog entries tonight.
"The kids near us cheered and screamed for reasons unrelated, the surfers surfed and the announcers added noise. She moved slowly across the rocks and at the end, she stopped and threw the flowers to the sea. “Today must be bittersweet for you,” I said, after small talk and some silence. “Every day is bittersweet,” she replied."

Maybe what Jamie saw Zeke's mom do is what Zeke sees now. I wonder what he thinks of his suicide now, I wonder if he would like others to see his mother's pain. I wonder if he would do it again.

I wonder if Zeke now must watch her, if Jamie saw her, so us readers could see her through his eyes. Maybe we're meant to see his mother's pain. Maybe even more good can still come from it.
Spread the truth. Destroy the lies. Or one by one, we will fall.

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