Thursday, December 9, 2010 freedom in spring

We all need people to talk to about anything.  Two kinds of people are easiest to talk to about anything:

The people closest to us
These are ideal, and not everyone has them.  The ones we grew up with, who've seen us at our best and worst like anyone could, but they've seen us through it.  They know what we have given up and gained.  They know our true stories, our true selves, our hearts. 

People we meet once and never again
These people do not know our name, where we live, what we've done, what we believe.  They may know our typing speed.  For one brief moment they may listen better than people who think they know us because they have no pre-conceptions. 

Both of these kinds of people can provide what we want.  What we want is to be deeply known without being judged.

"...she's been staring down the demons who've been screaming she's just another so-and-so
don't let go, don't let go tonight.

there's a fear that burns like trash inside,
and your shame the curse that burns your eyes.
you've been hiding in the bedroom hoping this isn't how the story has to go.
it's not the way it goes.
it's your book now.

you're a lonely soul in the land of broken hearts
and your "far from home" is the perfect place to start

this world is a dead man down
every breath is a fading crown we wear like some debilitated king

the earth spins and the moon goes round
the green comes from the frozen ground
and everything will be made new again
like freedom in spring"
~Golden, by Switchfoot

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