Friday, August 6, 2010


The Unwinding Cable Car music video, by Anberlin

I wish I could just melt this world away...
I want to see the floors and the ceilings become one mass of swirling.
I want the opposites to finally meet.  To finally collide.
To swirl into each other and become something yet unseen.
I want to watch my world collapse.
Cuz I want to see what's left behind.
I want to see what's left standing when I collapse.
I want to see the framework that lends its form to the swirling mass.
Cuz I want to be a part of the framework that lends its form to the swirling mass.

I don't want to be the swirling mass.
I don't want to depend on the dependent.
I don't want relative terms to define.
I don't want to forget.
I don't want to fear.

I want to become part of the frame.
I want to stand.
Cuz there's strength in loss.
I want existence to be absolute.
Life or Death.
I want to remember.

I want peace.
I want truth.
I want grace.
I want life.
I want love.
I want to love.
I want to know.

Not yet.
Not yet.

"Twenty-four reasons to admit that I'm wrong,
with all my excuses still twenty-four strong.

I want to see miracles,
to see the world change,
to wrestle the angel
for more than a name,
for more than a feeling,
for more than a cause.

I'm singing:
Spirit, take me up in arms with you.

You're raising the dead in me."
~ Twenty-four By Switchfoot

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